January 8, 2010

India General Knowledge Questions

 India General Knowledge Questions

  1. Question: Ministerial meeting of WTO held in Dec 99 was unsuccessful because of what reasons?
    Answer: Environment-related issues.

  2. Question: Name the only Indian President who was the speaker of Lok Sabha also?
    Answer: Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

  3. Question: What was the venue of world cup of Football in 1994?
    Answer: U.S.A.

  4. Question: Manisha Koirala is associated with the advertisement of which brand of fan?
    Answer: Ortem fan

  5. Question: Name the company whose C.E.O was chosen as the manager of the century by Fortune magazine?
    Answer: General Electric (GE)

  6. Question: Which International company owns Lotus Development Company?
    Answer: IBM

  7. Question: Which film has won 11 Oscar awards other than "Titanic"?
    Answer: Ben Hur

  8. Question: Which states has maximum number of seats reserved for Schedule Tribes in Lok Sabha?
    Answer: Madhya Pradesh

  9. Question: French Revolution resulted in the abolition of what?
    Answer: Slavery

  10. Question: The Standing committee of state finance ministers recommended in January 2000 uniform rates across the states in respect of what?
    Answer: Sales Tax

  11. Question: Which city is known as the "Manchester of South India"?
    Answer: Coimbatore

  12. Question: How many states are there in India?
    Answer: 28

  13. Question: Economic liberalization in India started with what?
    Answer: It started in the year 1991 with the delicensing of Industries in India

  14. Question: Which body is not a creation of the constitution?
    Answer: Election Commission

  15. Question: Which was the first Indian company to dematerialize its shares?
    Answer: Reliance Industries

  16. Question: Who is the first person from Africa to become the Secretary General of UN?
    Answer: Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali

  17. Question: National Income in India is estimated by?
    Answer: Central Statistical Organization (C. S. O)

  18. Question: Which is the oldest company listed in Wall Street?
    Answer: Bank of New York

  19. Question: Who led Indian delegation to G-15 summit held at Cairo in June 2000?
    Answer: Vice-President, Krishna Kant

  20. Question: "Talk to me" is a promotional campaign associated with which company?
    Answer: Toothpaste

  21. Question: What is the expected food subsidy bill for 2000-01?
    Answer: 8100 crores

  22. Question: Who is the founder of positive health clinic?
    Answer: Dr. Mukesh Batra

  23. Question: First public sector unit registered in New York Stock Exchange on 15th August 2000?
    Answer: ICICI LTD.

  24. Question: Which bank is associated with the Sapnay credit card?
    Answer: Standard Chartered Bank

  25. Question: Lexus is a sports car owned by which Asian car manufacturer?
    Answer: Toyota

  26. Question: Indian population constitutes what percentage of the world population?
    Answer: 16%

  27. Question: Sanjukta Panigrahi was the popular exponent of which form of dance?
    Answer: Odissi

  28. Question: Who is the MD of ICICI Bank?
    Answer: K.V Kamath

  29. Question: What is the full form of TRAI?
    Answer: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

  30. Question: What is the meaning of Direct Tax?
    Answer: Tax imposed and collected directly on and by the consumer

  31. Question: Vishvas / Vikas / Vaibahav is the motto of which private bank?
    Answer: IndusInd Bank

  32. Question: Which form of intellectual property can provide the longest protections?
    Answer: Trade mark

  33. Question: Khalid Ansari is associated with which publications?
    Answer: Mid Day

  34. Question: Which Indian News paper has highest of circulation?
    Answer: Dainik Bhaskar

  35. Question: Who is the Ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
    Answer: Prime Minister

  36. Question: Which Indian TV channel owned the rights for the telecast of 50th Miss World Contest held in Millennium Dome in London?
    Answer: Zee TV

  37. Question: Bajaj Auto Ltd. is setting its two-wheeler plant in which south Asian country?
    Answer: China

  38. Question: Who was chosen as the Businessman of the Century by Fortune Magazine?
    Answer: Henry Ford

  39. Question: Marjorie Sardino is the CEO of which company?
    Answer: Pearson Plc.

  40. Question: The speaker can ask a member of the house to stop speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as?
    Answer: Yielding the floor.

  41. Question: Which place associated with the 1917 freedom movement?
    Answer: Champaran Movement

  42. Question: Which among the following is the hardest metal among Gold, Iron, Platinum, Tungsten?
    Answer: Tungsten

  43. Question: Glass is manufactured by heating which of the following up to 400ºC? (a) Lime stone (b) Soda Ash (c) Silica (Give right combination)
    Answer: Glass is manufactured by heating Lime stone + Soda Ash + Silica, (all of them)

  44. Question: What was the purpose of initiation of Dandi March?
    Answer: To break the salt law

  45. Question: Convulsions in infants is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin?
    Answer: Pyridoxine - A type of vitamin B

  46. Question: Name the only Indian musician to have sung in United Nations (UN)?
    Answer: M.S. Subbulakshmi

  47. Question: Who won the Tansen Samman for 2001?
    Answer: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

  48. Question: Who is the Secretary-General of Commonwealth?
    Answer: Don-Mckinnon

  49. Question: Who is the Secretary General of Lok Sabha?
    Answer: G.C. Malhotra

  50. Question: Name the party that won parliamentary elections in Bangladesh in 2001?
    Answer: Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP)

  51. Question: What is the real GDP annual growth rate according to RBI for 2001 - 2002?
    Answer: For 2001-2002 it is 6 to 6.5% (estimated)

  52. Question: Who is the chairman of the probing committee of UTI fiasco?
    Answer: S.S. Tarapore

  53. Question: Name the country that banned Human Cloning in 2001?
    Answer: United Kingdom, around April 2001

  54. Question: Name the scheme that was not announced by the Prime Minister on 15th August 2001?
    Answer: Schemes that were announced on 15th August 2001 are: (1) Sampoorna Gramin Yojana (2) National Nutrition Mission (3) Ambedkar Awas Yojana (4) Housing for families of Army Jawans (therefore, the scheme except the above stated ones was not announced by the Prime Minister)

  55. Question: What is the meaning of Hysterisis of an instrument?
    Answer: A retardation of the effect when the forces acting upon a body are changed especially a lagging in the values of resulting magnetization in a magnetic material (as iron) due to changing magnetic force.

  56. Question: Which physical quantity's unit is 'Tesla'?
    Answer: Magnetic Flux

  57. Question: Who is the chairman of Railway Board?
    Answer: V.K. Aggarwal

  58. Question: Who is the Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU?
    Answer: Professor H.P Dixit

  59. Question: Name the movie directed by Mira Nair that won the Golden lion award in 2001?
    Answer: Monsoon Wedding

  60. Question: K. Venkataswami Commission is associated with which scandal?
    Answer: Tehelka Episode (Armsgate Scandal)

  61. Question: Who won the Century of the star award in a function held at Egypt in 2001?
    Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

  62. Question: Who authored "India from midnight to millennium"?
    Answer: Shashi Tharoor

  63. Question: Who is the Managing Director of HDFC Bank?
    Answer: Aditya Puri

  64. Question: What is the reason of not falling of Leaning Tower of Peasa?
    Answer: Soil below the structure precisely subterranean water makes the ground beneath the tower, unstable

  65. Question: Why enamel is coated on a transformer between its coils?
    Answer: To reduce heating effect

  66. Question: How many states went for Assembly elections in the year 2000?
    Answer: five

  67. Question: Which personality is known as "Fiat Palio brand champion"?
    Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

  68. Question: Name the plant that gives only seeds and not fruit?
    Answer: Cycus

  69. Question: Which is a polymer (few options like, vinyl chloride, urea etc. were given)?
    Answer: Nylon

  70. Question: Who initiated the construction of Fatehpur Sikri?
    Answer: Akbar

  71. Question: According to the World FDI investment report, from the year 2000 to 2001, FDI has increased by 18%. This increase amounts to what amount in dollars?
    Answer: 1.3 trillion dollars.

  72. Question: Which state has launched "Apna Van Apna Dhan" scheme?
    Answer: Himachal Pradesh

  73. Question: Borndila pass is situated in which state of India?
    Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

  74. Question: When was National Tourism Policy drafted?
    Answer: The answer was none of the given options, as Dec. 2001 was slated to be the month of drafting the policy, finally.

  75. Question: As per the Global Competitiveness Report, 2001 which country has emerged as the most the competitive nation?
    Answer: Singapore

  76. Question: An egg sinks in tap water but floats in a concentrated solution of salt because of what?
    Answer: The density of salt solution exceeds the density of eggs.

  77. Question: The science dealing with the study of phenomenon at very low temperature is known as what?
    Answer: CRYOGENICS

  78. Question: Jhum is a type of what?
    Answer: Cultivation

  79. Question: Gasoline is the name given to the same substance as:
    Answer: natural gas

  80. Question: Which of the following is an organic rock?
    Answer: coal

  81. Question: The writ of certiorari is issued by a superior court
    Answer: to an inferior court to transfer the records of proceedings in a case for its review.

  82. Question: Tata, Birlas, AT&T infused Rs. 300 crores (100 crores each) into which company as it was jointly called:
    Answer: Batata

  83. Question: Inflation, in theory, occurs:
    Answer: when money supply grows at a higher rate than GDP in real terms.

  84. Question: Aggregate Measure of Support (AMS) in the context of WTO refers to:
    Answer: The quantum of subsidy given to the agriculture sector.

  85. Question: Name the official sponsor of the Indian hockey Team for the year 2001?
    Answer: Indian Airlines.

  86. Question: Daniel Radcliffe made headlines for getting the role of portraying on screen which famous muggle-born in the literary world?
    Answer: Harry Potter

  87. Question: Name the scheme run by Unit Trust of India, which was dubbed "Pandora's Box of Horror"?
    Answer: US 64.

  88. Question: In which year did the first modern Olympic Games take place?
    Answer: 1896.

  89. Question: The Pizza Hut is the world's largest food chain. Name the world's largest restaurant company?
    Answer: McDonalds.

  90. Question: Which is the last letter in the Greek alphabet?
    Answer: Omega.

  91. Question: Sound travels fastest through:
    Answer: Steel.

  92. Question: Excise duty is tax levied on:
    Answer: production of goods.

  93. Question: Which of the following is considered a good source of Vitamin A?
    Answer: Carrot.

  94. Question: What is common to these people? Manmohan Singh, C. Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan, L.K. Jha
    Answer: They have served as Governors of RBI.

  95. Question: What is common to these cities? Seattle, Doha, Singapore
    Answer: Venue of WTO ministerial conference.

  96. Question: Which among the following products forms India's largest item of export in terms of value?
    Answer: Gems and Jewellery

  97. Question: Who received the Indira Gandhi Prize of Peace, Disarmament and Development of the year 2000?
    Answer: Mary Robinson

  98. Question: Jeff Bezos is the founder of which popular website?
    Answer: Amazon.com

  99. Question: Who was involved in Hawala scandal?
    Answer: Jain brothers

  100. Question: Where are the headquarters WTO?
    Answer: Geneva

  101. Question: What is India's share in total world exports?
    Answer: 0.6%

  102. Question: Where is Almati Dam Situated?
    Answer: Karnataka

  103. Question: "Wealth of Nations", is authored by?
    Answer: Adam Smith

  104. Question: Hydraulic brake is application of?
    Answer: Pascal's law of pressure

  105. Question: What are the main components of fertilizers?
    Answer: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (N, P, K)

  106. Question: Optical fiber is mode up of?
    Answer: Glass threads

  107. Question: Where are the Headquarters of European Union?
    Answer: Brussels

  108. Question: Who is the chairman of UTI?
    Answer: M.M Damodaran

  109. Question: Dalal Street is situated in which city of India?
    Answer: Mumbai

  110. Question: Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India?
    Answer: Dr. Bimal Jalan

  111. Question: Ashok Chakra is associated with?
    Answer: Bravery

  112. Question: Name the tallest living tree.
    Answer: Redwood tree

  113. Question: Who was the founding leader of Muslim league?
    Answer: Aga Khan III

  114. Question: Where are Caves of Ajanta situated?
    Answer: Maharashtra

  115. Question: How many countries have adopted 'Euro' as their currency?
    Answer: 12 (as on Jan 1, 2002)

  116. Question: Which batsman has the best bowling record in One Day Internationals?
    Answer: Wasim Akram (only cricketer to have 300 wickets and 3000 runs in ODI's)

  117. Question: Which state won highest number of medals in National Games which were held in Nov - Dec 2001?
    Answer: Punjab

  118. Question: Who is "Ranil Wickramasinghay"?
    Answer: Leader of the opposition in Sri-Lanka.

  119. Question: Which of the following is the second largest commercial Bank in India?
    Answer: According to the latest information ICICI Ltd. has said that it would merge with ICICI Bank to create the second largest commercial Bank in India, in the last week of October, 2001.

  120. Question: Which Indian Film was nominated for Oscar 2002 award?
    Answer: Lagaan by Amir Khan.

  121. Question: Which Indian state produces largest amount of mica?
    Answer: Bihar

  122. Question: ISO 14000 certificates are associated with which field?
    Answer: Environment Management Standards

  123. Question: Which movie won the "Golden Lion" award in 2001?
    Answer: Monsoon wedding directed by Mira Nair.

  124. Question: Which serial won the best serial award?
    Answer: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

  125. Question: Who is the present Principal scientific Advisor to the Government of India?
    Answer: Dr. R. Chidambaram

  126. Question: Which industrialist purchased the L&T shares from Ambanis in late 2001?
    Answer: A.V. Birla (owner of Grasim Industries)

  127. Question: What is the former name of the company "Aventis"?
    Answer: Pasteur Merieux Connaught.

  128. Question: What was the venue for 2004 Olympic Games?
    Answer: Athens in Greece

  129. Question: How many Indians have won all England Badminton Championship so far?
    Answer: 2 - Prakash Padukone & P. Gopichand

  130. Question: What is the revised Indian export growth target for 2001 - 2002?
    Answer: For the year 2001 to 2002 (April to March) it is reduced from 12% to 9%.

  131. Question: '.com' in all the web sites stands for?
    Answer: Commercial

  132. Question: "You give me blood, I will give you freedom", was the words of which famous Indian leader?
    Answer: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.


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